Animal Wall Decals Ideas

Animal Wall Decals Child Room

The world of decoration is as varied as fun, creativity and imagination found in this art to materialize the ideal site. One trend is related to the ideas to decorate a room with animal print that we offer today. When we speak of animal wall decals, first thing that comes to mind are the children’s designs, although there are, the reality is that this style of decoration that uses animal prints endless possibilities that can be combined with modern decor traditional, old and anyone could imagine.

Animal wall decals, the first thing to remember are that you should use only one print per stay, this can be combined with solid colors but never with another pattern to avoid overloading stay. The simplest way to decorate with animal print your room is through a carpet, rug or curtains. The animal print patterns on chairs or armchairs cases you may have in your bedroom are also options that incorporate style.

Choose a wall of the room to print the animal wall decals and leave the flat and in one color rest, it can be a very original and personalized composition. Bedding, pillows, cushions and sarongs to place in the ceiling are alternatives to decorate a room with animal print.

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