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Wall mount TV stand – Mounting over a fireplace is a popular choice for flat screen TVs. In many living rooms, the TV and chimney compete to be the focal point of the room. However, when the owners put the TV over the fireplace, combine the two main features into one, allowing the living room work better. The TV should go above the mantelpiece where it is sufficiently protected from the heat of it.

If homeowners do not like the idea of ​​hanging the TV on a bare wall, should consider placing it under a shelf. This gives the TV the appearance of being hung, which can work well with a nice design while at the same time provides an additional shelf on which you can place multimedia devices. The shelf should be combined with either the wall mount TV stand behind to be effective.

Wall mount TV stand a TV frame is a structure of wood or plastic that is designed to fit around the TV. These frameworks are sometimes sold with the TV itself, but homeowners can also buy them separately to fit around the TV they already have. The frames make the TV look like a piece of art and also are useful for the bare walls and environments where the owners want the TV was founded with art that is around.

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