Bamboo Shoe Rack Placed At The Entrance Or Foyer

Bamboo Shoe Rack 2017

Bamboo shoe rack – well it says “shoemaker to your shoes” proverb. If we want to keep our shoes in order, in good condition without deforming and readily available, it is best to find them a proper place, as we saw in the article Mission Impossible, change of wardrobe, and store them in its corresponding box or case.

The functionality the basis of bamboo shoe rack, and can be found in very different models, sizes, style and price. The cobbler no longer have to be relegated to a hidden corner in laundries, storage or attic, it can be seamlessly integrated into the rest of the home decor.

From classic wood (walnut, cherry or bamboo) we can make a bamboo shoe rack modern, we can look for a good location and take out two legs if placed at the entrance or foyer, so that we can change our shoes upon arrival at home; in the bedroom where we dress normally; or hallway, as they are often narrows. They can stand vertically or horizontally, in the form of trunk, opening with hinged or sliding, and combined with doors and drawers. Versatile and comfortable, with great capacity and aesthetic turn, are certainly good and not overly expensive investment for our home.

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