Beautiful Mid Century Modern Dresser

Mid Century Modern Dresser Bedroom

Mid century modern dresser – Storage furniture have them all to win when it comes to prioritizing spaces in the lounge. For decorating it is to display, but also to know what to keep and where. One of the great specialists in this mission is the dresser, which originally was used to things first: display dishes and eating utensils, thanks to its large size. Over the years, their design, function and place in our home has evolved, and where there used to make room for a sturdy piece of furniture, today, its compact size allows us to place from the entrance of the house until in the heart of the  living room .

Mid century modern dresser were not only designed to store, there are, like photography, which make sophisticated way, and why not, to an eccentric So to make your design a tribute to the most cosmopolitan essence. It is play, which puzzle pieces with rectilinear forms that we normally associate the design of a mid century modern dresser, to superimpose upon each other, this time spread over three compartments. The result? A cabinet with 3D surface that gives this sophisticated and original air we spoke. And although the design itself we already looks wonderful, we cannot overlook the detail horizontal mirror that has been placed upon him and that accentuates the partition of geometric lines.

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