Birch Tree Wall Decal And Lotus

Birch Tree Wall Decal 201717

Birch tree wall decal – lotus tree is an idea that we have developed more to the taste of one of our clients. We showed the little tree image downloaded from internet resolution, so it was necessary to redraw from scratch (victories), this way you can resize to any size figures and adapt them to your spaces.

Our young client had already painted blue wall of his room, and based on the color palette available to us who combine selected and give life to your space (Brown, rose, cotton candy, yellow white) and if you like birch tree wall decal may be nice for your living room. Knowing the colors in this project would use vinyl distributed in different layers so that it was easier and faster installation process the vinyl on the plotter and finally settled on the wall (it took about 2 hours to complete).

Add birds and dragonflies in order to give more movement and life to the decor, in addition to covering two walls found to create a surround effect. In factory we can create vinyl decorative vinyl of your dreams, as you imagine, even if you liked that idea is a page from abroad, changed size, color, remove and add details, you can chose birch tree wall decal if you like. Now you can buy online this model vinyl. Ready to send, you only need to adjust the size and colors as you want when ordering.

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