Brushed Nickel Curtain Rods The Best

Brushed Nickel Ball Curtain Rods

A double curtain rod allows you to hang curtains in front of two separate one window. Such barrels have two bars together in the same room with Typically, the bars should be one to two inches (2.54 cm or 5.08 cm) outside of the window frame 4 inches (10.16 cm) antisubmarine the bar where you want- Brushed Nickel Curtain Rods The Best place.


Then take brushed nickel curtain rods the best a pencil and mark two places, where would the screws to install the Barrera.Haz the holes for the screws. If you do not install the bolts on your wall anchors, screw them first to plasterboard. This will ensure that the bar will be installed securely and will not fall under the weight of the rod concertinas.Annihilator wall. A double bar will have at least two screws per end.


Hold one end firmly against the wall and use a Phillips screwdriver to install the screws well adjustable.En first, install the bar near the wall. Put the brushed nickel curtain rods the best curtain on one of the bars and then place the bar on the wall. Place a level on the bar to make sure it is decrepitude step 5 with the second bar.

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