Ceiling Fan Light Kit Installation

Fashion Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Ceiling Fan Light Kit Installation – Adding light to the ceiling fan improve the lighting in your bathroom. In many cases replacing the blower ceiling laminar, by adding a light kit for the fan, the room lighting bulbs original ceiling is not lost. Many of the tools and skills needed for the installation of ceiling fans are the same used to install the light kit.

Turn off the electrical power to the circuit before installing ceiling fan light kit. Make sure the power is off by turning on the switch for the fan. Open the base or on the bottom of the fan. This is held in place by one or more screws. Check to see if the light kit is compatible with the ceiling fan. The screw holes into the light base should lie with the screw openings in the base of the fan.

Connect the wires in light kit to the wires in the fan base to installing ceiling fan light kit. Twist as colored threads in each segment along with pliers. Drag a wire nut, a copper-lined insulated connector over the twisted strands by twisting the wire nut clockwise. Push the wires in the bottom of the fan while lifting light kit assembly in place. Attach the light kit to the base of the fan with the screws with the light kit. Test kit by restoring power to the fan. Check the operation of both fan and lighting.

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