Cheap Decorative Rain Barrels

Decorative Rain Barrels For Garden

Decorative rain barrels – Rain barrels capture water otherwise destined for storm drains and watersheds. Rain barrels are an environmentally friendly and useful to conserve water for your garden and landscape plants way. As storage containers rainwater, which provide an efficient source of fresh water without mineral or chemical as many city and well water. Rainwater is free, 100 percent natural and good for plants. The many ideas for decorative rain barrels designs, sizes and materials to help you make the barrels fit the appearance and function of your landscape.

Some people make their own rain barrels. The barrels can be made from storage containers, such as wine or whiskey barrels or storage containers clean food.  Decorative rain barrels and gardens surrounding them are ways to integrate them as functional and aesthetically pleasing parts of a landscape. If your rain barrels are smooth or neutral color, consider painting to add a touch of color that complements nearby planters and pots. If solid colors don’t suit your style, pattern or stencil to paint a mural on the side of the rain barrels. Placing planters with flowers and grasses near rain barrels is another way to add color and texture to your location.

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