Cheap Tractor Seat Bar Stools

Cheap Tractor Seat Bar Stools Designs

Trash and recycling of various materials is environmentally friendly way to help reduce pollutants in environment. A piece of junk, like an old tractor seat could be used to form part of a new stool. Tractor seat bar stools are ideal for this project could be built at relatively low cost.

  1. Trace shape of seat to paper. Using a pencil. A general outline of shape of driver’s seat is all you need. Some seats can be raised back tractors.
  2. Cut paper and trace with scissors. Place paper in bottom of driver’s seat and check for proper fit. Accordingly to cut properly
  3. Place paper on wooden plank and trace outline of paper, using a pencil.
  4. Cut wooden plank with a saw or preferred power tool for cutting wood.
  5. Place wooden plank at bottom of tractor seat bar stools and check for proper fit and level. Apply glue to board and attach to tractor seat.
  6. Remove an old stool with a screwdriver. Only legs are used and an old stool with metal legs crossed legs is ideal.
  7. Place tractor seat bar stools on legs of old metal stool. Wooden plank added thickness and serve as basis for legs join. Use screws to attach legs to wooden board and tighten with a screwdriver.
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