Cute Coat Hooks Wall Mounted

Coat Hooks Wall Mounted Paint

Coat hooks wall mounted – Whether you want a room in the garage for your children to hang their jackets after school or need to have a fancy area in your front hall for guests and residents to hang their hats, combining coat hooks with a little paint can create a functional and attractive tool.

To get the look of a coat rack, without losing any space, use black enamel paint to create the silhouette of a rack on your wall. Have so many arms on the rack silhouette that you have people in your house and garden design covers about six meters high on the walls. At each arm rack, install a black coat hooks wall mounted either on its own or over a small piece of wood painted to match the silhouette. Once the coats are hung, you will have the illusion of a free-standing coat rack.

If you have multiple children who need their own space, create personal coat hooks wall mounted to each of them. Have the kids pick hooks to the wall or other small object that can keep their fur, such as an old door handles. Install hangers on the wall and then stencil the name of each child on their hook. Using their favorite color to stencil and let them add small details like flowers or stars. This style can be used in a garage or playroom, so it does not clash with the rest of your house.

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