Decoupage For Decorative Outlet Covers

Adorable Decorative Outlet Covers

Decorative outlet covers – designer shops are a nice touch to decorate your home, but considering the cost of replacing more decks in each room, lots of people go shopping. No need to buy decorative covers output, however, when a simple technique is used, there can decorate their own meals, or simple, cheap can be found at hardware stores. Select some images for decoupage project. These may be remnants of paper packaging or shelf, magazine pictures or images from the computer, printed on copy paper.

Cover the work area with newspaper. Use a sponge brush to brush some decoupage in the rear half of the images. If the images extend beyond the edges of the decorative outlet covers, fold the edges and press the back of your TV. Place the switch on the front panel down onto the work surface. Use a knife to cut into the shape of “X” in the plug holes. Fold the edges and apply flat on the back.

Use the knife to make a small hole where screws go down and press photos in return. Brush two layers decoupage medium through the plate to cover the images. Let dry between coats. Take your outlet cover outdoors. Cover the work area with newspaper. Spray the decorative outlet covers with a clear coat of acrylic sealer.

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