Effortless Expandable Shoe Rack

Diy Expandable Shoe Rack

Why buy a solution to store shoes that do not fit space you have available, when you can build yourself a shoemaker? Expandable shoe rack project allows you to build exact size you need as you grow and expand your shoe collection. Start painting tubes in your favorite color. You can also decorate expandable shoe rack using vinyl, tissue paper or photographs, or with technique of decoupage. Asegúrante that tubes are completely dry before beginning next step.

Glue them one by one with a thin line of glue assembly (p. E.g. Patted No More Nails Invisible). For base, place all tubes that fit in space you’re going to spend shoemaker. You can place them in a pyramid, stack them or create your own custom design. You can adapt number of rows to your needs. If your shoe collection increases, have also increased number of tubes expandable shoe rack is done! You just build a shoe that fits your needs with very little effort.  Discover other storage options, such as wooden trunk. Disclaimer: This project only contains ideas and tips. Descriptions are based on ideal properties of materials and adhesives. If description provided is not followed, it is possible that results are not of same quality.

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