Frame For Beveled Mirror Tiles Wall

Beautiful Beveled Mirror Tiles

Beveled mirror tiles – is a lovely addition to your home, and when attached to a tiled wall, adding space and depth to the room where it is installed. If you think your beveled mirror is too simple, however, you may want to frame it. A beveled mirror is one where the edges are slightly inclined, and while this may make it difficult conventional framing, can be achieved with the right tools and materials. Cut strips of rigid foam board that match and about 1 inch wide using a knife. Use a foam board that is almost as thick as the mirror. In many cases, foam board 1/4-inch is suitable.

Apply a thin layer of construction adhesive on one side of the strips and the strips to press the tiles. These serve as mounting edges. Cut strips of wood trim that respond to actions that are in step 6 using a handsaw. Beveled mirror tiles the ends of each strip of wood trim 45 degrees.

Apply a thin layer of construction adhesive to the foam strips bordering the beveled mirror tiles. Press the molding to the corresponding foam strips that hold it in place for a moment like glue wood grips. While wood trim sits on top of the foam strips, carefully lining the mirror, creating a framework that separates the mirror wall tiles around them.

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