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Decorative Shutters Decor

Decorative shutters some basic styles have come and gone out of favor, depending on fashion and need. Today, homeowners opt for the charm of decorative blinds that mimic the style originally chosen for playback or households historical period. If shutters are fixed and are used only as a design feature, they must be united as if they were articulated parts of the working window – and not just a showcase.

Panel blinds are as simple as wooden slabs fixed to the window frames or outer openings – or as carefully designed as fine cabinetry with rebating along the edges, raised panels and decorative cutouts, everything hinged to the window frame. From the 18th to the 19th century, panel blinds are commonly used, although they were mainly on the first floors. Decorative shutters provide security, privacy and some protection against the weather. If the panel shutters had cuts during this period, which may have been holes weapons for defense rather than just decoration. Panels, specifically raised decorative shutters, enjoyed a brief resurgence in popularity in the 20th century in the houses of colonial style and craftsmanship. XX century bungalows have four seats and panels with decorative cuts but bungalows, as well as arts and crafts homes, usually skipped completely blind.

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