How To Decorative Wall Plates

Attractive Decorative Wall Plates

Decorative wall plates – Add style and flare and very special decorative touch to a room by decorating the front exit. Do not let the white or beige standard decks are an eyesore on your wall freshly painted chocolate brown Consider covering the pattern of the background image. Making outlets part of the room. One painting out to cover the same color as the wall. Start by removing the outlet cover with a screwdriver.

Using sandpaper fine grain, slightly sanding the surface of the cover. This will allow the primer and paint will adhere to the surface. Clean the surface with water to remove dust. Apply a coat of primer. Let dry Paint the surface and let dry. Apply a second coat. Align the decorative wall plates to the wallpaper. Preparation cover for wallpaper using steps 2 and 3 above after removing.

Cut a piece of wallpaper with an additional 1/2 inch on each side. The excess is cut once it has acceded to the deck. Apply a thin layer of paste to the wall piece of paper and fold. This is called the reserve. Wait 5 minutes. Unfold the paper with the paste up. Place the decorative wall plates from the center of the paper and smooth.

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