Making A Round Chair Cushions

Black And White Round Chair Cushions

The cushions are comfortable doing that complement see any space, do I will say no cause to rest squarely jump on a sofa or rug full of cushions? Today we bring craft step by step how to make round chair cushions, so you begin to manufacture and fill all the spaces of your home with cushions. As you know the cushions can have various shapes and sizes, follow these steps and your own round chair cushions factory with the size, color and fabric you like best.

Use a slightly larger square paper pad size you plan to do, fold it in 4 parts and in a party draws a semicircle that starts at the lower end of the blade, cut along the line and then open the paper, you get a perfect pattern of a circle. Take the pattern to the fabric and cut two circles, remember to leave more to 1cm seam.

Sew to leave enough space for entering the filling, place a lock, and turn the fabric so that it is on the right. Enter your pillow stuffing and close it. I hope you follow this step by step how to make a round chair cushions and can enjoy this craft.

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