Plasma 60 Inch Tv Stand

Sweet 60 Inch Tv Stand

60 inch tv stand – First, place a piece of plywood 60-by-18-by-3/4-inch on a worktable. With one corner to 1 1/2-inch mark on the 60-inch plywood. Do the same with the same corner on the 18-inch. Place the triangle on the square on the marks and draw lines 1 1/2 inches from both characters. Drill two holes inside the square 3/4-inch apart from sixteenth-inch drill bit. Repeat this process on the edge of the 60-inch, but on the opposite side of the 18-inch.

Second, glue onto one end of 60 inch tv stand each 2-by-2-by-10-inch pieces. Next Stand 48-by-72-by-3/4-inch plywood on one of its edges 48 inch use of glue to the edge 72 Cala 72-by-18-by-3/4-inch piece of plywood. Third, place a ruler on the marks and draw lines across the width of the 72-inch piece. Drill holes between the lines with 1/16-inch drill bit. Make at least one opening 8 inches from each edge of 48-inch and three between the two.

Fourth, apply the adhesive to the edge of a 60-by-18-by-3/4-inch shelf which is opposite the 2-by-2-by-10-inch timber attached to the shelf. Hold it, so it is 6 inches from the ends of the 72-inch piece and secure with screws drywall. Last, lay the assembly back. Install the plasma TV section position that rises above the top shelf. Your plasma 60 inch tv stand was done.

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