Popular Bracketless Shelves

Bracketless Shelves Design

Bracketless shelves without smooth surfaces and simple sometimes called floating shelves, because they seem to float on the wall. Because there are no visible supports, they are like nothing holds up. Of course, it hides hardware actually held firmly in place. Unsupported shelves combine form and function well, providing an elegant and stylish appearance and versatile storage space that works well in almost any room in the house.

China, glassware, spice jars and utensils are just some of the elements that can be stored on bracketless shelves in your kitchen without brackets. Consider hanging shelves in place a cage over a buffet or sideboard or above the stove top. You can even hang unsupported bracketless shelves on every wall of pantry for you a place to put the cereal, boxes of biscuits and canned goods.

If you do not have cabinets above the washer and dryer, install three or four bracketless shelves without brackets into place. Use them to keep soap, the stain fighters, fabric softener and a small plate for loose change and other pocket treasures. Add some decorative elements or a small potted plant to the mix for fun and visual interest. Two or three shelves hanging above a dresser provide the perfect resting place for trophies, stuffed animals, framed photos and other memories of childhood.

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