Popular Deer Antler Chandelier

Decorate Deer Antler Chandelier

Spiders are popular type deer antler chandelier in garden outdoor huts or places with a theme of outdoors inside. These lamps are made of deer antlers that are collected from deer that have died, have been killed or have shed their horns at end of routine every year.

Gather antlers visiting special farms where it is allowed deer graze freely in open fields around time of year when they shed their antlers, or search woods, where there is a large population of deer male around time when they shed their antlers. Deer antler chandelier can also be purchased in hunting and outdoor shops. Depending on size of your lamp deer antler, you have to buy deer antlers enough to own a circular pattern and fill out form completely Spider horns.

Run electricity through provisions antlers and attach fixtures. Screw in light fixtures can be attached to outer edges of deer antler chandelier with power lines running through center until antler chandelier hangs from ceiling. You can even Christmas lights weaving through lamp deer antler, creating a unique type of lighting in center of room. type of lighting depends ultimately on amount of spider has to turn and how willing horns, which allows light fixtures to be installed in those places

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