Wonderful Mermaid Wall Decals

Color Of Mermaid Wall Decals

Bring the Sea Mermaid and at home by a whimsical design. The upper half of the siren is a human being, while the lower half resembles a fish. Conventional wisdom says that a siren can find human legs for a short time on earth. Decorate your room with items that reflect mermaid wall decals and sea for a nice room design.

Bring the mermaid design to your walls by using colors of sea: a sea of ​​soft foam or Teal Ocean; tan, brown and pearl sand or seashells or gray rocks are good choices. An accent wall can contain low-on-sea mermaid wall decals created by a template, an artist or a wallpaper design. An alternative view is a border of sirens, which divides two different paint colors on the wall.

A print mermaid wall decals underwater, lying on a rock in the sun and continue the mermaid theme in the living room on the couch cushions and chairs. Hang window cornices of the same material to complement the sheer curtains in a coordinating fabric. In the bedroom, the bed sheet contains a mermaid skirt and matching set with a quilt and pillow cases containing sconces sirens. A couple of towels and potholders siren hanging the oven door in the kitchen

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